Why to Hire a Construction Claims Manager for Dubai Project?

Have you started a project which led to a dispute which you think is invalid? Or you are just not sure about whether it is the claim or just miscommunication between two parties.

If that is the case then first you need to know about what a claim related to construction is.

Well- it is just a request by the contractors for more time or money because of the changes in the contract.

For example, a simple error by the project designer might cause delay in the construction process so the contractor will file a claim for money or time. The terms and conditions of the contract are decided, and any changes in that is a situation for the claim.

Reason to Hire a Construction Claims Manager

However, the claims are not as simple as explained in the definition. You might not be able to handle it on your own but rather would need the expertise of the construction claims manager to resolve the matter.

Reason to Hire a Construction Claims Manager

You might ask the question when you are more aware of the project and what went wrong then why do you need a professional to solve the dispute.

Following are the reasons explaining the question of WHY which has just crossed your mind:

Experience of the Industry

When you hire someone to solve your issues you are actually hiring an experienced person who knows the industry inside out.

The professional construction claims manager have been working on different claims in their careers, and they know the claims related to costs and damages of the projects.

You are not that aware of the claims and their types as they are. So when there is a claim simple or complex professional help is always useful.

Technical Knowledge

The construction industry is all about engineering terms and the name of the equipment. You might know few of the famous technical words, but that does not mean you have the knowledge to handle a claim. 

Understanding the technical jargon is tough but believe me, these experts are pro in this sense.

The documents used in the claim process or the legality are full of terms and condition which will go above your head. They will help you build your knowledge about the claim and expand on the terms.

Understand The Type Of The Claim

When a claim is filed, then it has a certain category, and this implies that there are a lot of different types of claims.

What happens if you are not able to identify the right type of the claim filed? Nothing much just a lot of money and time!

Having said that the construction claims manager will assist in understating the right type of claim and how you can handle it. Based on their analysis of the case type, they can even give recommendations which save your money and time.

They Can Negotiate

Being in the market for the longest time, construction claims consultants Dubai comes handy when it is about negotiation.

Disputes are often resolved with a win-win situation which means if one can negotiate then one can address the issue.

They will do a detailed analysis of the project and then will come up with the solution.

Bottom Line!

Claims are stressful if you are not aware of how to handle a request or you are not able to understand the claim then there is no harm in taking the help of construction claims manager. They are experts in their own field and will lead to amicable results for any dispute.