Time is one of the most important aspect in almost every project. Yeah we all know that, tell me something I don’t know please? Well I hate to break your bubble but even in this day and age there are certain factors that can cause you a delay in your project thus leading to time wastage which in turn can lead to a number of heavy problems for both, the contractor and the client.

Is there a way we can be prepared for this impending doom before it all happens? To have counter measures in place so that the loss and hit you take is reduced to a minimum. In this article you’ll learn how to be prepared in such situations beforehand or better yet, hire a well-known company to provide you with Delay Expert services to minimize the damage you might face later on or even accelerate your progress.

Let us dig right in to the problems your company can face if a time obstacle is faced during the execution of the project:

Time Management of a project

Increase in overall cost of the project

This effect is a given. Delay in time of the project means more wages to the labor, more material being used or expired, influx in the rents paid to the hired machinery for the project and so many other factors that could happen because the project was delayed or countermeasures were not put into place. This could result in the client getting angry because he needs to pay more for the same project but if you had a delay expert measure all the consequences beforehand and informed the client about the possible problems you might face, wouldn’t that decrease the possibility of harsh behavior from the client?

Wastage and Under-utilization of Resources

Delay in the project can cause minor to immense damage to the available resources and man-power. There are certain materials that lose their value if not used on time, this could cause the profits of the project for the constructor to decrease because the constructor can’t go running to the client asking for more money as there are certain laws and rules protecting the client in such situations and the loss is to be paid by the construction company.

Dispute among Parties leading to Litigation

When the cost of the project increases, the damage has to be paid by somebody, right? It would result in either the client paying more for the project or constructor losing its profit and if none of them decides to do so, it can lead to litigation and arbitration which are one of the ugliest things a company or a project can face. Paying excessive money to lawyers, wasting time on trips to the court not to mention the stress your mind will be under and the losses your company will be facing due to this negligence by either party.

What can you do?

Enough of the bickering and thinking about the effects of time delay in your project, its high time we started talking about possible remedies to prevent such disaster or at least be prepared for any such thing. The best option you have is to consult a firm about hiring a Delay Expert for your project and being prepared to deal with any such impending problem or even better, accelerate the progress of your project through expert’s advice!

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