How to Prevent Construction Defect Claims

The industry of construction is a vicious cycle of involvement and responsibility. It is because once you have signed a contract with a party, you have become obliged to prove the quality of buildings even after the project completion. No layperson can understand the gravity of this matter, but the construction contractors have a clear understanding of the issue.

Let’s understand it from an example, being a contractor, you have completed a project in Dubai within the last two years, and one day you received a call. Apparently, you were not anticipating such a call because you have done with the project successfully. The owner called you to inform that the building is facing the severe issue of water intrusion. For this, you have been notified officially via notice for damage claim and repairing. Such problems are very common in worldwide including UAE because the construction sector is progressing rapidly giving rise to the issues.

construction defect claims

The immediate notice of construction defect claims can surely make the people highly concern, and they sometimes feel better to get the matter to the court for decision. It might be an approach but don’t underestimate the importance of construction claims consultants Dubai based service providers because they can help you resolve the issue.

Construction Defects

Nevertheless, pre-mature damages or failure of any components of the building owing to improper construction or installation are called construction defects. It might be related to the failure of products, inadequate management of design, low-quality material or any subsequent failure in any system such as sanitation or gas pipelines.

However, water intrusion is considered the most common type of defects found after construction. It can occur as a leakage from the roof, exterior cladding, windows or balconies.

Essential Considerations to Deter the Probability of Construction Defect Claims

The complexity of matters can be reduced by dividing the projects into manageable chunks. Here are a few tips to avoid such a circumstance:

Comprehensive Management is the most critical factor in bringing success to the project. Project management must ensure the proper distribution of responsibilities and resources.

Selection of the material must be made after complete research and peer reviews in order to eliminate the risk of damage claims later.

Many contractors overlook the importance of hiring highly qualified sub-contractors. However, it is not a right approach, because they manage things in case of your absence. So, hire a competent sub-contractor for managing construction tasks optimally.

Takes Away

It is right to say that prevention is better than cure. If you are a construction manager or contractor, you must understand the importance of doing things right in the start to eliminate the risks of claims.

However, in case you get stuck in such a situation where the owner is going to sue you for damages, be wise to hire construction claims consultants Dubai based professionals to get appropriate solutions for dealing the case.

Remember! It’s not all about if you are right but, if you are unable to defend your case – you are surely on the wrong track which might lead to a consequential loss.