How Can You Manage Weather-Related Construction Delays?

Construction related project delays in the United Arab Emirates are not only frustrating but are also costly. The longer your project takes to deliver the more you will have to wait to start the next venture.

Moreover, some delays require extra purchases such as additional equipment or material.

Thus, setting back the project delivery date is not favorable; however, sometimes it is inevitable.

But, it is possible to manage delays in a manner that they cause minimum harm to your project’s timeline in particular and its outcomes in general.

Here a qualified delay expert has a crucial role to play. They carefully manage risks that are associated with unfavorable weather conditions to keep the project moving through.

Although the weatherman is not always accurate and one cannot predict everything; you can take some measures to keep your project’s schedule on track in the face of extreme weather conditions.

Below mentioned are some of the planning measures that you can implement to mitigate the risks associated with extreme weather events.

construction delay expert

Follow A Proactive Approach To Risks

Although weather conditions are uncertain, it is always smart to invest in weather forecasting service to manage your project timeline accordingly.

This proactive approach will help you know about severe weather that is coming and plan for potentially occurring delays.

Take This Into Account In The Bidding Phase

As weather conditions are significant for your project, understanding and considering this in the bidding phase of your project is very critical.

A delay expert can perform this job for you; he can wisely analyze the weather in particular and climatic conditions in general of your project site.

Moreover, you need to communicate these risks to other stakeholders openly.

Schedule According To The Anticipated Weather Events

Prepare your construction schedule after you have the reliable weather forecast. And then schedule your construction activities based on these warnings. For instance, do not plan the tasks of roofing and lifting large roads during the days when heavy winds are forecasted.

You need to adjust the activities that can go along smoothly with the poor weather.


Reschedule Wisely Where It Is Needed

Another aspect of managing your project delay is rescheduling. If an unforeseen weather event causes time and cost overrun to your project, it is vital for you to handle that overrun professionally.

You have to devise ways through which you can save yourself, other stakeholders’ money and time.


Delays frequently occur in construction projects.

And the factors that are behind these delays and their impacts are widely discussed topics in the United Arab Emirates. Among the many factors that are associated with time-overruns in the construction projects, the weather stands paramount.

Although the weather is uncertain and there is the least possibility to control it, but with the latest technology you can anticipate bad weather before starting your venture.

Moreover, by employing a professional delay expert, you can effectively manage your weather-related construction time overruns.