How to deal with disruptions in a construction work breakdown

No need to panic at all, as disruptions are certainly not something very new in a construction project! In fact, they are a common issue that arises during a construction project. But, before moving on further, remember that delays and disruptions are not the same things.

Disruption is just an impact of an event that is delayed and has affected the efficiency and productivity of a project. Delays and disruptions can be somehow similar; however, they don’t share the same intensity and solution.

It is a well-established fact that every project, whether simple or complex, is broken down into small modules and chunks for its successful completion and to measure the progress of the project. Similarly, before laying the first brick of a building site, the process is split into modules to avoid any sorts of delays and disruptions.

What is a project work breakdown

However, lots of stakeholders opt for top construction claims consultants Dubai agencies to carefully handle any disruption claims that could arise later. This is because, in the famous gulf countries like Dubai, where the competitive market is high, it is extremely essential to come up with safe and effective solutions to all potential problems.

What is a project work breakdown?

The work breakdown structure of a building is the key deliverable of the project that organizes and assembles the laborers and team’s work into manageable modules. The Project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) further defines the structure as a deliverable decomposition of work to be carried out by any team.

The breakdown structure defines the scope of the project, along with the deadlines and tasks to be met. Thus, the structure plays a significant role in the successful completion of the project.

Ways to handle disruptions in a construction work project

As disruption does not always delay the time for completion, its assessment is not as simple as prolonging the particular activity, as contractors often claim (as they would for a delay claim).

Here are the top three ways to handle disruptions in a work project.

1.     Records, records and records

What could be any best than maintaining proper records and then going back into the records for accurate identification of the disruption caused and cost? Hence, records are the key and the memory of your brain.

So, put your geek glasses on and start inspecting your record files. Moreover, if you’re constructing a building in a busy country of the UAE, it’s safe to hire professional construction consultants for an in-depth record examination.

2.     Strictly monitor the workforce

Although the project work breakdown structure is specifically beneficial for the working staff, who is supposed to follow the instructions sometimes, the project managers fail to deliver precise directions to the staff leading to delays.

However, by carefully arranging follow-up meetings with the project managers and staff workforce, you can come up with quick ways to resolve the issue.

3.     Opt for construction claims consultants

By acquiring the services of claims consultants for handling disruptions can immensely save you a lot of cents and the court rounds. They are not only going to opt for a systematic approach for professionally dealing with the issue but enable you to deal with disruptions in the minimum possible cause, saving you from the delay claims and threats.

Conclusion for dealing with disruptions in a construction project

Disruptions are most likely to occur in a construction project, and there are certain factors that lead to disruptions, which, if not adhered to, timely paves the way for critical and non-critical delays. Hence, it is advisable not to resolve them on time before they turn into something horrible.

Thus, by giving a strict look at the project, and by carefully going through the construction contract along with religiously monitoring the project break down structure, you can undoubtedly overcome the issue. Moreover, construction disruptions can also be resolved by hiring construction claims consultants timely for their expert witness and other construction-related issues!

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